Make a referral

Local authority placement teams can contact us at any time to make a referral.

Contact our Duty Team on 020 8678 5330
or email :

  • Referrals are handled by an experienced and highly skilled team at Banya who will identify possible matching families based on the children’s needs. Profiles of the families, or other requested documents, will be sent to the Local Authority.
  • To proceed further, the referral will be discussed with Banya social workers for potential foster carers and with the carers themselves. All available information is shared; about the child’s history, behaviour, care plan, schooling, contact and other issues that could affect the placement.
  • If other children are placed with the potential carers, their placing authorities will be consulted.
  • If a suitable placement is identified, an introduction plan (or emergency placement) will be agreed, and placement and financial agreements undertaken.